Our team

Without devoted and hardworking people Marković Estate and Vinery would never see the light of the day, much less be your safe harbour when seeking good wine and the values we believe in. These are the people that make this Estate and Vinery a wonderful place.

Vesko Markovic

Founder - Father of three children, life education.

Father of "crazy idea" for building vineyards and winerie. A man who has been in tourism for all his life. He was involved in catering from his teenage days until he was 30, when he dared to go into entrepreneurial waters. He started several successful businesses, each in the field of tourism, and each was revolutionary in its own way. After almost 25 years of successful business, he came up with the idea of ​​founding a winery, which should be his final escape from serving tourists and his idea of retirement. He buys property in Dobrsko Selo overnight, and everything else is a story of courage and hard work that you can hear whenever you want to visit us, considering that Markovic wineryand estate is now his new home. With faith in God, he plans to experience old age right next to the vines and wine, and he plans to embark on his eternal journey right next to the church he plans to build above the Markovic winery and estate itself.

Nikola Markovic

Lead partner and founder son

Father of two sons, education (consciously without a diploma) acquired at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, Department of Business Management. He has been acquiring practical education since his high school days, when he is remembered for leaving classes due to business troubles. „An apple doesn't fall far from a tree“, the old man said. What a father is, so is a son, at the core, but with different levels of energy and different generational views, education and, logically, goals. From a small vineyard and a small winery for just family needs, his idea, accompanied by courage and bravery, led to a complex that will be the center of wine and events in Montenegro. His vision is clearly visible in the fact that everything that’s done by now has a huge potential for future development. From an amateur fan of whiskey and wine, in just 3 years he has come a long way from managing earlier business ventures that his father started, with daily work on building the whole winery complex and involvement in every detail, all along with learning about viticulture, winemaking and wine. His dramatical tempo was crowned in 2020 when he lead the harvest and winemaking himself alone (under the supervision of an oenologist consultant) after only one harvest of experience behind. A man in charge of absolutely everything, engaged in business to the point of madness resented by his relatives and society and even his family, but with a strong logic that life goes upside down - work while you are young and full of energy, live and enjoy after 35-40 when you get tired but you achieve the desired goals. It is a living proof that with love and faith a man can overcome all obstacles, even himself alone.

Ivan Dasic

Enologist consultant

Graduated at the faculty of oenology in Belgrade in the 70's. He spent his work life in the huge plants of old Yugoslav giant Navip from Zemun and then in the company 13. Jul Plantaže Podgorica since the first and most glorious days of the mentioned company. A man of vast experience, he produced tens of millions of liters of wine, which were exported to over 30 countries around the world. A top expert, but an even better man and the holder of many awards, even the biggest ones in winemaking. In recent years, he has been engaged in consulting services in few wineries in Montenegro and selflessly spreads knowledge and influences the development of Montenegrin winemaking. Although at the end of his career, attracted by the ambience and the story behind Markovic winery and estate, back in 2017 he accepted the challenge with impatience, waiting to experience something new and deal with wine grapes he never worked with. Now it turns out that wines he made from 2019 vintage perhaps are the best he has ever made. A man of incredible energy, even though his age, it’s clearly visible that he is the most sincere fan of wine. And after millions of liters produced, countless glasses drunk, so many life lived, he is a man whose heart and eyes still blink when he tastes quality wine.