Marković Vineyards

Some of us can still recall our elders' old saying when choosing a variety of wine. “When I choose wine, I choose Tamjanika,” ​they would say. But the true meaning behind these words has been lost in time since today none of us truly recognise the taste of Tamjanika in our mouths.

The idea to found Marković Vineyards was born out of our belief that one must follow their own path. And it is crucial it should be so, for it we however now, we ought to find ourselves walking the path belonging to others. And that could be an unforgivable trait.

Therefore you will understand our strive in bringing back what was long forgotten - an extremely old variety, exclusive to the territories of Serbia, ​Northern Macedonia ​and Montenegro. The variety which is almost extinct and thus unknown today. The one which we will gladly offer you to drink here, at our vinery. For that reason, we ask you to take your time and get to know Tamjanika.

There are two types of Tamjanika, black and white, and together they make up 90% of our plantation, along with the internationally renowned, excellent variety which is highly regarded in the world of Pinot Noir.

Besides these, our wines are embellished with the legend of Montenegro Vranac, which we obtain from the local grower, and Shiraz another international legend. In the world of wine, Tamjanika is also known as a local clone of the variety of Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains. While this holds true, what one must know the difference between the two. Tamjanika was named after a distinct smell of thyme, something Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains variety is not known for. Be it as it is, Tamjanika is remarkably fragrant, so much so that is nearly intoxicating. This variety is a true feast for your nose and taste buds. While those who know of Tamjanika have a hard time matching the taste of wine to its aroma, we believe we have bridged the gap. But it is up to you to prove us right.

We would like you to know that although we cannot choose our favourites, we hold black and white Tamjanika in different regards. Black Tamjanika is somewhat like the holy variety, the holy grail of wine. It is named after the thyme that can be found in its traces. It is the heart of our Vinery that you will know us best for. But our white Tamjanika holds a secret worth keeping away from the prying eyes.