Description of the wine:​

The wine that you will fall in love when looking at it, even if you don’t try it. The intense fiery color of this dry Rose wine ignites the imagination while the feminine and elegant appearance softens the soul and heart. Gentle and non-invasive aromas and slightly fuller body of perfect refreshing fruity aromas whisper that it is a wine of serious character to steal a few glasses or even a bottle from your beloved one.



The hints of floral arrangement in your nose, while the thin-bodied wine baths your palate, will make you think of the perfect summer freshness and leave you with a tingling sensation in your mouth.
This crisp wine goes excellently with garden, just enough quiet beach and the fresh notes of summer.

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Wine that goes well with romantic moments on the beach, in nature, but also during day and night parties. It pairs with absolutely everything that is sexy.

About wine Amò

Madeline Triffon, the holder of the highest title in the world of wine and the first woman in the world with “Master Sommelier” title, describes Pinot Noir wines as “Sex in a glass”. We would not add anything more.

Details about wine

Created by grape variety Pinot Noir, pampered in Dobrsko Selo. Pinot Noir found its new home in December 2016, where it fought for life with morning frost at the end of April 2017. From that days every our vine bears real scars, and 20% of vines didn’t survive. Although it’s a young vineyard that is just “learning its first steps”, the first harvest in 2019. leaves us with impatience and thoughts – what kind of miracle should we expect in full maturity? Although it’s Rose, this is a wine with character, fresh acids despite the fact that it comes from the warm Mediterranean climate, delicate aromas, medium body and very pleasant finish. The wine that will make you fall in love.


Also, it is interesting that Pinot Noir is not grown in Montenegro and there is no Montenegrin wine of this variety. It is considered to be the most demanding variety in the world – unpredictable in the vineyard and cellar, caracterised by extremely small berries and bunches what means lower yield and slower harvest, extremely short stalk tree which makes picking very difficult, very thin skins which require more care and work in the vineyard and lower resistance to potential weather troubles and diseases. We have the great honor and responsibility to present the capacities of this variety in Montenegro as well.

The story behind the wine

Love as the source of everything, the one that spins the world to even the most resistent and finds its way to the most hidden. A wine inspired by love and a trip to magical Naples, whence comes the nickname Amò. It’s a typical word for the southern Italian (Napoletan) dialect widely known from cult Italian songs. And where would be love without a rose? – the queen of femininity that turns this wine into one kind of bouquet, ready to formalize your love as it did with ours on the streets of the eternal city. Wine dedicated to women, but above all to one, J.

Interesting fact

The king of wine, the king of Burgundy, California and Oregon, the most legitimate critics crown it as the king of the world, the Pinot Noir. He imposed himself alone to crown this wine as well. Characterized by its extremely small berries and low yield, it did not leave us the opportunity to choose in that 2019. Due to the production technology demands and the specifics of our cellar, we unplannedly started working on the Rose, with even a certain amount of regret because we did not expect that we could enrich such a noble variety as much as it deserves. It turned out we made a huge mistake, and we will always want to make a mistake like that. As it is often the case in our family, destiny happened, and all that was left to us was to follow the trail.

About the bottle

Spectacular and innovative bottle “Sabine” from the world’s most prominent wine bottle manufacturer “Saverglass”. It is designed to attract attention with its feminine lines and curves. Exceptional heights and additionally pronounced slenderness obtained by the unique and atypical “neck” of the bottle called “Fleur”.

About the closure

One of the biggest issues of winemaking today and of immense importance to us. Anyone who bought and kept a bottle for a special occasion and came across rotten wine after opening it, knows the importance of the closure.


We had to crown the attractiveness of the bottle itself with the revolutionary concept of the glass stopper and further emphasize the femininity and elegance with the delicate pink color of the glass. One of the advantages is that no opener is needed when opening the bottle, while the quality and elegance absolutely overshadow the old unpopular but practical screw caps.


Hand picking – desteaming and mulching – grape juice pressing up to 1 bar – cooling and precipitation of grape juice at 10ºC for 36-48h – addition of yeast – fermentation in Inox vessel for 8 days at a controlled temperature – racking – „quiet“ fermentation – racking and clarification – stabilization and filtration.

Vintage 2019 and harvest

Very characteristic and very demanding in the vineyard. The budding and the first shoots start as early as the beginning of April, thanks to the warm and sunny days during almost the whole month. The most challenging period was May, which brought as many as 25 rainy days almost unprecedented for that month followed by daily temperatures around 20 degrees, what delayed flowering.


Overnight on May 30 the temperature rised to 30+ degrees and we had an extremely hot and dry summer. September brought us mild rainfall around the 15th of the month, triggering a harvest in most of the country between September 10th and 13th.


Wine in numbers


  • 13,0%


  • 4,9g/L

    Total acids

pH 3.46, SO2 65 mg / l, relative density 0.9850gr, total extract 23 g / l, serving temperature 14 ºC, best to drink until: end of 2022

Pairs best with

Wine that loves appetizers, a selection of aged meat and traditional Montenegrin products such as prosciutto and smoked sausages. Of course, „meza“ without cheese does not work, so we recommend all types of young cheeses with an emphasis on young goat cheese. And for those who prefer a diet and low-calorie healthy meals, it perfectly fits salad meal with an emphasis on tuna or steak carpaccio.