Rest with wine

Our concept


The place where the magic begins. Only high quality grapes can make high quality wine. By visiting our vineyard, we will reveal some vineyard technics and prove that the quality we inherit is not just a letter on paper.

Wine cellar

The place where wine magic gets it shape. Our cellar is equipped according to the latest standards that winemaking knows. Our regular tasting tour includes a passage through the cellar where we’ll reveal some more secrets, but this time about the production of this Divine drink.

The restaurant

Complete satisfaction happens when we pair the wine with specially selected snacks. In order to provide hedonistic experience at the highest level, we consulted the most eminent people from the gastronomic and sommelier profession and synergistically compiled complex recipes for pairing with each of our wines individually.


Escape from the city on weekends and reunion with nature have never been more necessary. Interestingly decorated rooms with a view over the vineyard will be a real oasis of peace and rebirth of the soul that we all seek so much.

Our Vision and Story

Welcome to the Marković Vinery and Estate, a place where you’ll drink excellent wine, carefully curated by some of the esteemed experts in the field. A place you’ll remember for its hospitability, authentic decor and a feeling of belonging to a much-forgotten art of joy and love for simple yet delicate pleasures in life, such as a great glass of wine.

Ono što nas je oduvjek odlikovalo, vjerovatno na više od jednog načina, je naša upornost da sanjamo. Mi čvrsto vjerujemo u istrajnost snova. Međutim, da bi naši snovi postali veliki, neophodno je da se najprije usudimo da sanjamo.


The restaurant




Wine Selection


Winemaking Philosophy